Glendon Campus
York University
2275 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4N 3M6
The Michael Ondaatje Series Presents Michael Winter, winner of the 2000 Winterset Award, and of the 2008 Writers' Trust Notable Author Award.


Michael Winter will give a reading at Glendon on March 5, 2012 from 4:30-6:00pm in the Senior Common Room (York Hall, 3rd floor).

Winter was born in England but raised in Newfoundland, where he moved with his family at three years of age. He graduated in 1986 from Memorial University with a BA in Economic Geography, but his heart was elsewhere. He began writing and formed a group of writers called the Burning Rock Collective that included Ramona Dearing and Lisa Moore among others. His first short story collection, Creaking in Their Skins, was published in 1994 and in 1999 John Metcalfe published Winter's first novel One Last Good Look, with Porcupine's Quill. Then Winter moved to Toronto.

His fictional alter ego, Gabriel English was introduced in his second novel This All Happened, whereas his third novel, The Big Why, was narrated by Winter's evocation of the real-life artist Rockwell Kent. Lynn Coady, reviewing his fourth novel, The Death of Donna Whalen, wrote that Winter, “shows amazing faith in the power of story itself, the sheer ability of raw human character to transfix us. In stepping back from centre stage and turning the spotlight entirely on this devastating array of intersecting lives and deaths, Winter has enacted some of the most powerful storytelling of his career.”

Published on February 28, 2012