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Glendon Receives Significant Funding for Four Innovative Projects


<p>University Provost Patrick Monahan announced the establishment of an Academic Innovation Fund (AIF) of $2.5 million per year in September 2010, created to achieve the goals of the recently published White Paper and the University Academic Plan (UAP).</p>
<p><img class="nophotoborder" style="float: right;" src="" alt="" width="199" height="221" />Glendon was successful in obtaining over $275,000 for four proposed projects, proving that this vibrant campus is thriving with numerous ground-breaking, innovative ideas. Four of the thirty-nine successful initiatives were submitted by Glendon faculty and a Glendon librarian, out of a total of 99 applications received and rigorously reviewed.</p>
<p>The new AIF was designed to provide initial funding to &ldquo;spur innovation and change&rdquo;, and to enable Faculties and academic units to embark on projects which were widely supported, but needed an initial start-up investment.</p>
<p>Glendon received one Category 3 award for $10,000 for a project &ldquo;to significantly expand materials for oral and written practice in Glendon/Keele first-year French courses&rdquo;, to be led by Brian Elliott, course director for the Department of French Studies. The project involves the creation of a bank of vocabulary and grammar exercises to support the <em>Pause-caf&eacute;</em> program, which serves as a basis for first-year French courses on both the Glendon and Keele campuses.&nbsp; These exercises will provide students with enhanced opportunities for both written and spoken practice of French.</p>
<p>Glendon was also successful in two Category 2 awards, for a total of $68,828 in funding.&nbsp; Glendon&rsquo;s Associate Principal Student Services and Coordinator, Student Exchange Rosanna Furgiuele received $11,743 for her project, <em>JumpStart &ndash; Successful Transition to University</em>.</p>
<p><em>JumpStart </em>involves a summer program, led by experts in various fields, to help students make a successful academic and personal transition to university by providing tools and skills to adjust to the academic demands of university, developing techniques for effective study, and adapting to a new environment.&nbsp; A peer mentor component will also introduce students to campus life and university expectations, as well as to the resources available to them.</p>
<p>Fran&ccedil;oise Mougeon, Glendon&rsquo;s outgoing Associate Principal Academic &amp; Research and a specialist in second-language learning, also received a Category 2 award of $57,085 for her <em>Institut de fran&ccedil;ais langue seconde</em> (FSL Institute).&nbsp; This project, which involves the establishment of a new unit for second-language teaching and learning, will enable Glendon to provide innovative and comprehensive language training to students pursuing studies in disciplines other than French.&nbsp; Informed by research in language acquisition, the year-round curriculum, including large-class instruction, small-group practice, and individual coaching, will incorporate both in- and out-of-class approaches to communication in French.</p>
<p>Glendon librarian Sarah Coysh received the second largest award of $196,348 for the creation of a <em>Virtual Learning Commons</em>.&nbsp; The project will complement the new <em>Learning Commons</em> in Scott Library, and will provide a 24/7 online learning resource for York students, with assistance in assignment completion focused on integrated approaches to research, writing and learning skills.&nbsp; The resource, to be developed collaboratively by York&rsquo;s libraries, the Writing Department, and Learning Skills Services, will be flexible and interactive, and its modular format will allow faculty to embed elements in their online course environments.</p>

Published on May 24, 2011