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A Conference on Research in Linguistics, Literature and Translation at Glendon Welcomes Everyone


Students and professors from the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and the Departments of French Studies and Translation on both campuses of York will be hosting a landmark graduate-level conference at Glendon on May 2nd and 3rd . The conference will focus on research in linguistics, literature and translation. Its aim is to bring together faculty and students from these disciplines in a collegial manner, enabling students to share their work-in-progress, and creating a workshop space to learn from each other’s diverse methods for theory and practice for language studies.

Two special guests are on the program: Colette Noyau, professor, Department of Language Sciences University of Paris X-Nanterre, will open the conference, speaking on « Des temporalités paradoxales dans la fiction narrative : la langue peut-elle créer des chimères temporelles ? ». Lyse Hébert, a graduate of the Glendon MA program in Translation, will give the closing presentation on « Le rôle de la traduction et du traducteur dans les humanités ». Cultural representatives of the French, Swiss and Belgian embassies have also been invited.

Session topics include: myths in drama and literature; approaches to second language learning; translating and rewriting; correspondence of an exile; translation of eroticism; and others. The conference will include work in both English and French.

This event has been organized entirely by students, but they received enthusiastic support from their professors for their responsibilities in event planning, creating the program and a conference website, and getting the publicity out. It is hoped that this will be the start of a new tradition - an annual conference of York's graduate programs at the Glendon campus, with future students following in the footsteps of this first group.

Anyone interested in participating in two days of sharing interdisciplinary knowledge and discussing diverse perspectives is warmly invited. The conference will be held on the Glendon campus, in the Ballroom of Glendon Manor, on May 2nd from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., followed by a reception in the evening; and on May 3rd from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Registration forms and details can be found at: For additional information, send an e-mail to

This article was submitted by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on April 30, 2007