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Glendon Certificate in Spanish-English Translation Alumni Night an Outstanding Networking Opportunity


The annual alumni night for grads of the Glendon Certificate in Spanish-English Translation took place on March 23 on the Glendon campus with a record attendance. This event is an opportunity for both current students and alumni to gather and discuss their professional and personal translation experiences.

Right: L-r: Student Emma Woolridge with alumna Sarah Starkman

The keynote speaker for this year’s event was Lola Bendana, Director of Multi-Languages Corporation, who gave a presentation on business practices and professionalism. Bendana is also a Canada Representative and President of IMIA (International Medical Interpreters Association), Vice Chair at AILIA (Language Industry Association) and a member of Critical Link Canada

Lola Bendana’s presentation was followed by testimonials by four certificate alumni, Jennifer Arango, Kaitlin Heximer, Rosana Maciel and Sarah Starkman.

Arango focused on community interpreting in Toronto. She spoke of the necessary and productive relationship between translation, especially community-based translation and interpreting, and advocacy. She also described how she integrates questions of translation, advocacy, and gender in her research and in her work throughout Toronto. A graduate of the Certificate in Spanish/English Translation, she is currently enrolled in Glendon’s Master’s of Translation program.

Left: L-r: Maria Constanza Guzmán, coordinator of the Certificate in Spanish-English Translation program with keynote speaker Lola Bendana

The next speaker, Kaitlin Heximer addressed the differences between undergraduate and graduate studies in the field of translation and of the complementarity of professional training and research: “While studying in the certificate program, I acquired a wide variety of skills that I use in my day-to-day-professional life, including invoicing, documentation and collaborating with colleagues”, said Heximer. “Doing graduate work in translation studies […] has been an excellent outlet through which to explore the literary and cultural aspects of translation […]. Academic life is also an excellent way to explore translation issues about which you are passionate, and to develop and share your knowledge about them." Heximer is also a graduate of the Certificate in Spanish/English Translation, currently enrolled in Glendon’s Master’s of Translation program.

Rosana Maciel, who holds a Certificate in Spanish/English Translation and an Honors B.A. in Hispanic Studies, is Spanish Coordinator at Dussault Translation Ltd. Maciel talked about workflow and about her job as translation manager at Dussault Translations. She spoke to the students and future translators about the importance of translators’ defending their language, and the fact that working as translators, they are also teaching their language. She also discussed the importance of using different media for translation research.

L-r: Jennifer Arango, Sarah Starkman, Kaitlin Heximer, Lola Bendana, Rosana Maciel and Maria Constanza Guzmán

Sarah Starkman, who has a Certificate in Spanish/English Translation and an Honors B.A. in Hispanic Studies from Glendon, works as a freelance translator, does transcription, editing and revision. Starkman praised the positive learning atmosphere of the Glendon program and gave useful tips to future graduates.

Students who attended Alumni Night had many positive comments about the event. “I enjoyed hearing each of their stories about their careers since completing the certificate and how it has helped them get to where they are today”, said one attendee. Another commented that she particularly appreciated the candid responses and experiences of the four students who have graduated from the Certificate program and made contributions to the field of translation, including their dedication and involvement with the local community.

“Lola's presentation on how a translation agency works was most useful, she provided very good information about specific tasks, such as making an invoice and getting translation insurance, as well as the importance of deadlines and being a responsible translator”, commented another student.

Many attended alumni Night

It was great to have Lola Bendana’s point of view on how the translation business works, particularly in an agency. It was also very rewarding to listen to the different experiences of the alumni, and their personal take on translations, and how they have incorporated the certificate into their professional lives.”

"This event shows why we are so proud to work at Glendon”, said Professor Martha Bátiz, a member of the Certificate’s teaching faculty. “Our alumni have become accomplished professionals whose enthusiasm and commitment are an inspiration to us, as professors, and to our current students."

 “We believe in the importance of this opportunity for dialogue and exchange”, commented the Coordinator of the Certificate in Spanish-English Translation, Professor Maria Constanza Guzmán. “Students learn from graduates, professionals and peers, who have gone through experiences that are similar to their own, about some of the day-to-day aspects of the life and environment they will face soon after graduation. They also see models and discover professional possibilities and opportunities of community engagement that they may not have considered before.”

Article submitted by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on April 18, 2011